Spare parts service

Spare parts service

Do you need a replacement motor or spare parts?

Our spare parts service offers a wide range of spare parts for the standard and flat motors of the extruded series.

Bearing shields (aluminum – die cast parts) , collar screws, electronic starters, capacitors, terminal boxes, mounting for capacitors, fans / covers, shaft sealing rings / clamping bases, feet, brakes, saw blade flanges and much more.

In case of a replacement motor, please send us the nameplate of the motor for exact determination of the motor type.

Please note, we only sell B2B.


Please contact:
+49 3774 52 239

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Ability & Drive is our full-service provider for replacement engines, spare parts, service and solutions.

With extensive industry experience and a global presence, Ability & Drive delivers the know-how our customers expect.

Only an hour’s drive from New York City, the location offers all the advantages for flexible and customer-oriented processing.