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Open device motors

The internally ventilated open device motors from EMGR for single-phase alternating current or three-phase current have a very high power density due to their optimum heat dissipation. Where the IP 00 protection class on the motor side is sufficient, high drive powers are achieved cost-effectively with these motors in the smallest installation space and with low masses. Typical applications for this type of motor are found, for example, in lawn mowers, concrete mixers or garden shredders.

Technical information

  • Simple robust design
  • high operational reliability
  • Maintenance-free and favorable operating values

Depending on the application and installation location, we can adapt the motors to your requirements, for example with specially designed shaft ends or with thermal protection.

Please contact us, we will be pleased to advise you!

Open device motors E..G, D..G

Power 0,37 - 3,8 kW
Size 80
Number of poles 2, 4
Mains connection 1- oder 3-phasig
Protection class IP 00

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