The ERZMO® MS 1 pedelec drive from EMGR is a patent-protected, powerful mid-motor line that was developed specifically for cargo bikes and has proven itself in practice. The drive has an integrated 3-speed gearbox that makes individual dosage possible with ease, depending on the rider and the amount of power required. With the ERZMO® MS 1, you can look forward to an electric high-performance system that provides the necessary drive in all situations - with this drive, you will be at the forefront in every respect!

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Technical information

The ERZMO® MS 1 is designed for cargo bicycles used as delivery or freight vehicles, company vehicles or for transporting people. Our drive features a robust and durable design. With its excellent torque, loads of up to 300 kg can be moved easily. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for demanding applications.


Functional principle

When the pedals of the cargo bike are pressed, the ERZMO® MS 1 drive pushes the rear axle via a single roller chain. There, the integrated 3-speed gearbox is not integrated into the power flow of the drive, so that the pedal force has no influence on the motor power. The driver sets the required torque exclusively with the handle and supports the drive only by pedaling. The motor regulates the speed (per minute) and the corresponding tempo.

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