Produkte Motors Compact drives with frequency inverter

Compact drives with frequency inverter

EMGR compact drives are the right motors for speed control tasks. The internal speed controller ensures high speed consistency over a wide load range. With the aid of a built-in PI controller, speed-proportional control tasks can also be solved. The space provided for a converter at the actual value input allows the physical variable to be controlled to be entered directly at the inverter - a decisive advantage: for example, the pressure variable to be controlled can be entered directly at the inverter.

Technical information

EMGR compact drives with frequency converters include the mini 4.8 motor and Inventor.

mini 4.8:

Suitable for single-phase AC networks up to max. 1.1 kW motor shaft power
Mainly used in pumps, fans, compressors, elevator controls and more


Suitable for three-phase AC networks up to max. 7.5 kW motor shaft power
In addition to simple control tasks, very intelligent control or process optimization tasks can be realized
High functional diversity of inverters previously only available centrally is now also available decentrally with the INVEOR as a compact drive version with IP55 degree of protection
Used primarily in pumps, fans, compressors, variable-speed drives and many other applications

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