Here you will find the frequently asked questions and answers about our own brand ERZMO®MS 1.

The motor “buzzes” even though the bike is not moving?

This is not a fault condition. When operating the ERZMO, there is a low “hum” as soon as you operate the throttle. When the engine has overcome the driving resistance, than the bike starts to move.

How does the motor support me?

Depending on the throttle position, the motor provides up to 100% of the torque, regardless of your own supplied power. You can ride purely electrically with the motor up to 25 km/h (with pedal movement).

How do I increase the range of the bicycle?

You select a gear where you still have resistance against the pedals when pedaling.

The torque of the motor, that supports the driver, can be adjusted by the throttle position. The less torque demanded from the motor, the higher the range.


How many gears does the transmission have?

The transmission has 3 gears, where the rider can choose the level of assistance. The motor is connected directly to the rear wheel and is independent of the selected gear.


Loud grinding noises can be heard from the motor while driving.

External influences (e.g. accidental impacts) may cause the cover to be pressed inwards and rub against the gearbox. In this case, the engine should be sent to EMGR for repair. Opening the motor on your own will void the warranty.


It is hard to shift between gears.

The problem can occur when the gearshift is to be used again after a long standstill. In this case, you should try to shift up and down between the gears several times, if possible without load. Since the shifting of the pull-wedge gearbox is independent of the direction of rotation, you can also turn the pedals backwards. After shifting several times, the required force should decrease. If the problems persist, please contact EMGR for repair.

I’m on a hill, have 3rd gear engaged and can’t start driving with it.

Check battery charge. For steep inclines and high payloads, select a low gear to provide the best possible support for the motor.

While driving, the pedals spin and you cannot transmit power to the downforce.

Shift to 2nd or 3rd gear.

At full speed, the engine rotates faster than you can pedal in first gear.

When stationary, the pedals spin and no power can be transmitted to the wheels.

Make sure that the chain to the rear axle has not jumped off. If the problem persists, the pedal shaft freewheel is probably defect. The problem can only be solved by a repair at EMGR.

Does the Engine have “recuperation” (energy recovery during braking)?

No, only the ERZMO 2.0 enables this feature (optionally selectable).

What is the range?

Ranges of 70 km can be reached with a 1400 Wh battery. The energy requirement is around 10 – 30 Wh per km, depending on support, payload and terrain.