Produkte E-mobility

E-Mobilität: Clean Drives for a Clean World

Electromobility is on the rise. And EMGR is right at the forefront with its sustainable drive concepts. We find modern solutions for modern means of transportation. Convince yourself of our competence!

ERZMO® MS 1 – the pedelec drive for cargo application

The ERZMO® MS 1 from EMGR is our powerful mid-range motor designed specifically for cargo drives, such as cargo bikes. It features a high-performance electric system with a 3-speed transmission. Thanks to its high torque, loads of up to 300 kg can be moved easily.

Sustainable mobility with electric motors from EMGR

Pollution and lack of space are the major challenges of our time. E-mobility is becoming a much-discussed topic, and not only in conurbations such as cities. Innovative solutions are therefore urgently needed to prevent transportation and traffic problems. With our own brand ERZMO® MS 1, we are making an important contribution to sustainable mobility.