Produkte Die casting

In-house aluminum die casting foundry

Customer-specific challenges require innovative solutions - and with our in-house aluminum die casting shop, we can realize them quickly and easily.

State-of-the-art production technology

The in-house EMGR aluminum die casting foundry is equipped with state-of-the-art production technology. It has gas-heated melting furnaces as well as die casting machines with 2500 to 7000 kN clamping force. For our series production we use fully automated casting cells with cold chamber die casting machines including robot handling and trimming presses. Other high-performance machines such as wet vibratory finishing systems, belt grinders and CNC machining centers for subsequent machining of the castings round off the quality assurance and the spectrum of the foundry.

Die casting for own and third-party requirements

In addition to our own efficient electric motors, we also produce for external requirements in the EMGR aluminum die casting foundry. Due to our in-house production and our experienced employees, we are able to respond to your special requests and applications quickly and without complications. At the same time, we guarantee you full flexibility with consistently high cost-effectiveness thanks to short coordination paths and processes.

Advantages of the die casting process

  • High strength
  • Low weight with high stability
  • Low machining allowance
  • Dimensional accuracy with lowest tolerances
  • Small wall thicknesses possible (if desired)
  • Corrosion and weathering resistant
  • Very good surface quality
  • High diffusion density
  • Easy recasting and addition of metal parts
  • Low casting-related rework
  • Tightness (as far as cast skin is not machined)Extension by cast-in parts is possible

Material competence with innovative strength

Aluminum is the construction material for intelligent component development in lightweight construction.

LEG 226D / EN AC-AlSi9Cu3 (Fe)

LEG 231D / EN AC-AlSi12Cu1 (Fe)

LEG 239D / EN AC-AlSi10Mg (Fe)

LEG Silafont 36 / EN AC-AlSi10MnMg

LEG AL99.70 (cast rotor)


Material validation

Spectral analysis: SPECTROMAXX LMX05

X-ray testing: X-Cube 142 X-ray system

Measuring machine: LEITZ REFERENCE XE