Electric motors and cables made in Germany
Electric motors and cables made in Germany
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History of the company EMG

The origins of EMG go back to the 19th Century to the company Bing AG, a sheet metal products factory.

After World War II the production of special electric motors for mining machinery was established on the present site. The Elektromotorenwerk Grünhain was founded in 1951 as a member of the collective VEM Antriebstechnik. The customers were literally on the doorstep of the factory. Manufactures of ashing machines, sewing machines, lawnmovers, printing machines and rock-crushing units relied on the quality and reliability of induction machines made in Grünhain.

After fall of the GDR, former state-owned businesses were available for privatization. One of the bidders interested was the Zehnder GmbH, a pump manufacturer from Frankfurt am Main. Although the owner Jürgen Zehnder was really looking out for a die-casting company for his pump program, in the end, he decided not just on the die casting part but on taking over the whole works.

Since then ernormous power and energy was invested in the developement of the company. Comprehensive investments in equipment, construction units building and in modern managerial methods coupled with the many years of expierence of the Saxon engine manufctures created the very conditiona allowing EMG to produce a wide range of innovative drive systems to suit the customers individual requirements.

Even today EMG is one of the associated strong industrial enterprises at the site Grünhain, as well as Zehnder Pumpen and Standard Kabelkonfektion.

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